May we introduce "/nextbot"

Our Slack Integration makes it easy to organize your resources out of your slack channels.
Just install it with one-click and get started.

Collaborative offices need a time schedule for everybody to book meeting places, working desks, 3D-printers, kitchen space or whatever you share. What if you could handle all that in a quick chat with /nextbot? With the /nextbot command your team can open the booking dialogue everywhere in your slack. All requests are collected in one private channel for the facility manager to approve, but /nextbot will fully take care of the time management.

Sounds great? How to install it:

  1. Create a private channel, name it however you like and invite your facility managers
  2. Click "Add to Slack Button and choose the private channel you just created
  3. Done!

As a first step we recommend creating your resources, which can be done by every member of the nextbot private channel. Then every team member can request a booking by typing /nextbot and a keyword to search for a resource in the command line.

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